Depending on where you live, the weather is still good, but the days are getting shorter and winter is coming or perhaps even here. Time to get rid of all that junk!

Regardless of whether you are an apartment renter, a realtor, homeowner, a contractor, or a business owner, junk removal is a regular part of life and is often a challenging task.

Everyone Has Junk But What Do You Do With It?

Construction projects generate trash, debris, and waste materials. And all of this must be cleaned up regularly throughout the course of the job. Contractors have to arrange for all this to be hauled off and disposed of. However, it is a task that is tedious and time-consuming.
And it is often the job no one wants to do and no one really has the time to do it.

For real estate agents, there is often old furniture, appliances, and assorted junk and trash that needs to be removed from an otherwise vacant property. If the former homeowners didn’t take of this task, the junk needs to be picked up, hauled off, and properly disposed of or recycled.

Business owners often relocate, or remodel their facilities, or carry out major clean-ups on a regular basis. Whatever the activity, they will generate trash and unwanted junk. And someone needs to clean up, haul away, and dispose of it all.

Homeowners and renters regularly find themselves with junk that needs to be gotten rid of, often junk that is too large to be put into their residential recycling or trash bins.

OUCH!! Hauling Your Own Junk Can Be a Pain

“Yes, but it’s just one time a year.” you might say.

Have you considered the potential downside of having to haul your own junk, debris, or trash? ??

Here’s just a few:

  • Possible injuries and strained muscles
  • The added cost of having to rent a truck, or borrow one for the job
  • Figuring out the logistics of what can be disposed of and what must be recycled
  • Learning the proper methods and locations for disposal

The best way to avoid the pain and cost of hauling your own junk is to call a professional company like CLEAN COLLECTION INC