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Clean Collection Inc will tell you how do you remove a couch in Brooklyn NYC.

Williamsburg, Barclays Center, Prospect Park, and that famous bridge. Brooklyn has loads and loads to offer every resident and every tourist alike. From dining to music to shopping and more, Brooklyn has some of the best that NYC can offer. We know because we are based out of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is likewise notable for its style, and interior design so certainly not keeping going up with style is a big no no. If you somehow happened to investigate some Brooklyn condos, you would almost certainly track down a few beautifully designed or plain silly looking couches

Remaining on the edge of style can mean exchanging one love seat for one more consistently, and this can represent somewhat of an issue. These stacks of old couches can cause a huge negative environmental effect. This implies that appropriate removal and reusing of couches in Brooklyn is critical.

How Does Clean Collection Inc Dispose of Couches in Brooklyn NY? We are glad that you asked.

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Responsible Disposal of Your Couch in Brooklyn, NYC

Landfills all over NYC keep piling higher with old sofas. When thrown in a dump, bulky furniture can create toxic waste that leaks into the air and water supply. While it can appear to be really overwhelming from the outset, there are numerous approaches to appropriately discard your sofa in Brooklyn.

Donate Your Old Couch to a New York City Charity

Used sofas which are still in good condition can usually be donated to local NYC charities. This might prove a bit difficult because of COVID but give it a shot anyway. Be sure to assess the condition of your couch before attempting to donate it. Remember: if you wouldn’t want it in your home, you probably shouldn’t donate it to someone else.

What items charities currently have or they are in need of largely determines what items they are able to accept. You’ll need to do some Internet searching to find out whether or not you can donate your old couch to Brooklyn charities. Some national organizations like Salvation Army and Goodwill offer pickup of donated items for the most part. Depending on how things go this year with the Pandemic and the new variants keep an eye out for a chance to donate when you can.

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We call this couch “Browny”

Unfortunately, volunteers usually only work during certain hours, and mostly on Saturdays. This can be tough to schedule for your donation appointment that conveniently fits your schedule. Assuming you get lucky trying to donate your couch. While donating your old couch helps to cut down on landfill waste while helping others in your community, you’ll have to do your homework beforehand.

Calling a professional sofa disposal service instead will be the easiest way to get that old couch out of your home. That’s where Clean Collection Inc comes in.  

NYC Sanitation Department and Couch Disposal

If you call in advance to schedule it, you can put your old sofa out on the curb for it to be hauled to the landfill by the NYC Department of Sanitation. However, you will be given a citation and charged a large fee by the City if the sofa is put curbside before your scheduled pickup day.

When using the NYC garbage curbside pickup of furniture items, there are specific rules and regulations to follow, depending on what furniture items you are getting rid of.

You may be tempted to dump your old couch at the NYC sanitation department landfill. Not so fast, the City doesn’t allow residents to dump bulky furniture items like a loveseat or old sofa.

Hire a Brooklyn Couch Disposal Company like Clean Collection Inc. 

Clean Collection Inc knows that hauling your heavy old couch out of the house is awkward and frustrating. As couch disposal professionals, we won’t add to the landfill problem. Clean Collection Inc keeps as many couches, sofas, and furniture out of local landfills as possible. We engage in recycling and donating the items we pick up.

The smartest solution to proper couch disposal is to call a couch removal and disposal service in Brooklyn, NY to take care of it for you. No more worrying about finding a truck or where to take your old couch! Clean Collection Inc will handle everything for you.

Affordable couch removal and disposal is way simpler than you expect. Clean Collection Inc will pick up your old couch or used sofa. We will even take away other old furniture items such as mattresses, dining sets, and recliners. All of that extra furniture can be gone as soon as tomorrow when you book your appointment with Clean Collection Inc.

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