DJI OM 4 – Handheld 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer with Grip

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Feel the Pull – Instantly attach your smartphone to DJI OM 4 and enjoy perfect filming on the go. The magnetic phone clamp and ring holder enable you to effortlessly capture whenever inspiration strikes.

3-Axis Stabilization – Never post a shaky video again. Even with an external lens added, DJI OM 4’s powerful 3-axis motor keeps your smartphone steady and your video smooth.

Reimagine What’s Possible – Innovative features like DynamicZoom use advanced algorithms, so all you have to do is tap and walk. Try out the mind-boggling “Hitchcock effect,” a creative zoom shot that delivers a Hollywood feel with minimal effort.

Go Hands-free – Gesture Control makes taking a selfie or a group photo with OM 4 simple. Snapping a pic or starting a video has never been this convenient.

ActiveTrack 3.0 – Following subjects is a walk in the park. This upgraded version recognizes adults, children, and pets with higher accuracy. You can even fine-tune your image composition with the joystick.

Switch Up the Shot – Press the M button twice to quickly switch between portrait and landscape mode for even more convenience.

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10 reviews for DJI OM 4 – Handheld 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer with Grip

  1. z0mbie.hack3r

    I’m using the Om4 with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I also have a clear phone case and the magnetic clip works perfect. Magnet holds tight but not all cases will fit with the magnet clip. The apple leather and silicon cases work perfectly. You also have the option to adjust the angle of the gimble. If your phone is too heavy on one side and you can’t manually adjust your phone case, in the DJI app, you can adjust the pivot/angle of the phone.

  2. LP

    First gimbal, first was off brand and app didn’t work well so I went with a name brand and to my discovery this was good timing with a new release.Purchased the day it came out, however osmo wants you to permanently attach the magnetic ring to the back of your phone. Gonna order a slim case to switch out when using the gimbal. Slight inconvenience but I’ll be back to edit to see if it works.Edit: my misunderstanding. No case needed for the magnet to work. It’s optional.

  3. Kofi

    This is my 4th attempt with a phone gimbal and this the one! The magnetic clip makes it easy to install. No need to worry about balancing anymore.The app is intuitive and explains all features. I use an iphone 6.

  4. Genesis

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     Fun and easy to use! Took me a few hours to get used to it as a beginner and this being my first time using a gimbal.Here’s a video of my very first edit and videography choreo using the Gimbal OM 4.

  5. Purple Panda

    I got this gimble hoping it will support my note 20 ultra. Let me start by this, all the android user should go for this gimble. It support the weight of my phone without a sweat and has most of the options unlike the zhiyun smooth 4. Thought the dji mimo app is not having the support for 4k 60 fps but you can always use you phone camera app to use it and will work like a charm. This gimble is having a magnetic mount and its really really strong. This is the best gimble and best investment.Its supports a weight of 230 gms and +/-60 gm which makes a total load it can handle to 290gms. I use this gimble with the note ultra with a pretty sturdy case and the gimble doesn’t seem to have any problem.

  6. Dean Springs

    Attaching a video I made in only minutes at the park. This thing has so much potential. The ease of use and the app DJI provides really allow for some amazing video tricks!The quality of video will depend on the phone you use, but I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max which has amazing cameras.Tips: the magnet is a great idea but I do not feel comfy with permanently putting it on my glass phone.I purchased a case separate from what I have usually and put the magnet on that. Now , that case is my “Gimble Case” and I made sure to place the magnet in the center.I simply take my case off, and put my “Gimble case on” and I’m good to go!The spin feature adds some great cinematic shots and the motion time lapse is so much fun especially with clouds!The included tripod is such a nice touch, and definitely needed for the shots you’re going to want to take. DJI could have charged this separately so, it’s nice they include it in the box.I also purchased a monopod for this and the active track feature is definitely some future tech we get to have right now! No camera man needed, simply hold up two fingers ( make sure gesture controls are enabled ) and it’ll start recording and following you!I love this thing, and I love the price point. No balancing needed but just in case DJI builds in auto balancing and manually adjustment into the app.I suggest this to anyone who wants to get to some great shots for YouTube or their family videos!

  7. JamesH

    the 12 Pro Max with cover is not a secure fit. The clasp is designed for phones with curved edges instead of square. I used with the Apple Leather case.

  8. Dominic T

    I was recently using the OM 3 and picked up 4 after seeing that it doesn’t require balancing (this is easily the biggest pain when using gimbals) and I’m super happy with it. It’s lighter then the 3, motors are significantly faster and yes it takes a fraction of the time to pull out and setup. Plus it’s basically that same price as the 3 was before the 4 came out (when you consider it comes with the tripod and is equal to that package for the 3).For most people I wouldn’t recommend upgrading from the 3 to the 4 as it’s more of an evolutionary step then a revolutionary change. But if you’re considering one over the other, go with the 4, it’s worth the extra amount even though they dropped the price of the 3 to around $100 at the time of this review.

  9. Joseph

    This things is solid! It’s paired flawlessly and works amazingly well with my iPhone XS Max! I was worried it couldn’t handle the size/weight, but it’s like it’s holding nothing. The magnetic connection is life changing from the previous setup. Easy on, and doesn’t come off unless you really pull it off hard. I love it 5/5

  10. M.T. Cicero

    I researched the DJI OM 4 extensively before purchasing it. The quality has gotten better with each generation. This last generation features a magnetic clip on/off mount for your cell phone. It’s very intuitive and you can use it with or without the DJI app. With the DJI app you’ll have a bunch of pretty cool features and effects. With just your phone’s native video/photo app you of course still use the gimbal’s stabilization features. The included tripod is very handy (get it?) and the threads at the bottom of the gimbal are the same as most other industry standard mounts and extension poles, making it very useful on different kinds of stands/tripods. The OM 4 folds up very compact. Some reviewers have said that it’s “pocket sized”. Well, it sort of is “pocket” sized if you have a larger than average pocket. You’re not going to cram this into a pair of jeans, but you probably could easily fit this in a coat or jacket pocket. The battery life on this gimbal is very good. After using it off and on throughout the day, leaving it stored without recharging and then using it again a few days later, it still held about half the charge. I would say that’s pretty good usage, without recharging, for most people using it over a weekend or short trip. Like most USB connected devices, this gimbal is very easy to recharge. Lastly, software updates to the gimbal are periodically pushed out from DJI via the app. It’s all pretty intuitive and seamless. I don’t usually write long reviews but this product is definitely a “recommend”.

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