Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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About this item

Custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound

Control your sound with two distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode

Three soft eartip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal

Up to 8 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with pocket-sized charging case)

Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts

High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via built-in microphones

IPX4-rated sweat and water resistant wireless earbuds

Beats wireless headphones and earphones are compatible with Apple and Android devices

What’s in the Box – Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones, charging case, eartips with three size options, USB-C to USB-C charging cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty card (USB-C power adapter sold separately)

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10 reviews for Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  1. Drew

    So I’ve had my AirPods Pros for years, and the first day I got them, it came with all kinds of glitches like crackling and squeaking, and the AirPods pros kept slipping out of my ears consistently, and whenever I try to adjust my AirPods, they even slip out with little sleeves that you put on them and with other company ear tips I bought, and while I’m talking on the phone I end up accidentally hanging up on the person when I’m trying to adjust my AirPod So I figured I would give these a try and my gosh they sound so much better they fit in very securely, and the noise cancellation is fantastic so overall I would highly recommend them plus they’re very stylish, and the case is very nice, but one thing I would recommend is buying a charging cord because the one they give you is like 1.3 inches long which is tiny

  2. BKP

    I’ve tried a few different “Premium” earbuds recently and all have hurt my ears after an hour of use. I’ve now been wearing these for the last 4 hours and my ears feel great! The audio quality is nice, I also have not had any audio sync issues that plague these types of earbuds. I will update more after a week or so of use, but the fact that my ears feel good, the audio sounds amazing and no other issues to speak of, winner winner!

  3. Marty Mar

    I have to say this is my first pair of Beats headphones. There are so many other brands that are very good and I’ve had a lot of different headphones and earbuds. I can say that these are the greatest, but I can say they were more than what I was expecting. I heard mixed things about Beats headphones and one being that they were all bass, totally not true. My experience so far using my Galaxy Note 20 has been completely ear candy. The lows, the highs and the mids are just right and I don’t even need an EQ.Totally happy with my purchase and the shipping was same day…which no one compares to Amazon.I highly recommend this product. The Case is small enough to fit in your pocket. The buds fits snug in the charger with magnets and sometimes its hard to pull them out. All in all a totally great deal and pair of ear buds. These will not disappoint.

  4. Remington Noble Guzman

    I have been a huge fan of beats by Dre for quite some time now I want to say about 10 years or so I was on them look for some new headphones and I came across these and was super excited I got them today and test them out at the gym and honestly they are so bomb I love the sound quality and honestly they’re just great I love the noise canceling feature on them they really work I have very small ears so I put the smaller rubber ear ones on and I love the packaging it came into it comes with a charger and a 3 month Apple Music subscription so that’s cool too. and I am so impressed and so happy with my purchase will be recommending to everyone definitely buy these

  5. Joe Cepeda

    I’ve spent a lot of money on different types of bt for workout or casual use and this is my favorite. Because of the price, the small size and powerful base, and the ease of use w my iPhone. I had air pod pros but my gf pretty much took over those. And instead of paying over $200 for another one I found these in my search. I didn’t want to do an Amazon special because I’ve been down that road before. I don’t mind that they don’t pause when I take them off. I can live w that. But I ordered a case cover for it because the case is slippery. I’ve dropped my air pod pros before and had a chip in it. I’d recommend these to anyone.

  6. nat

    I love these! I have the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro and these are way better! With the AirPods Pro the un ear fit was horrible these kept falling out which sucked! With these they fit perfect and don’t even feel like I have anything in my ear. I like that they don’t have a long stem popping out because If anybody is like me and has there earbuds on while putting on a sweater the AirPods fall off but these don’t get tugged on by the stem because they don’t have one! If anybody loves the bass in songs these are great! Absolutely love this product!

  7. Cynthia

    These are great headphones . It’s slightly better than AirPod pros . The volume goes higher for those who like their music blasting (I do) . Has a nice seal so it keeps any extra noise out . It’s lightweight and comfortable. You can lay down on your pillow with no discomfort to your ear or worry it will come out while you sleep (if you do sleep with headphones) What else ? The price point is great too . For it to be slightly better than AirPod pros , the price is worth it . I think it’s a great purchase and I won’t be returning. I don’t know how the product will hold up after months of use (since I just got them) , most lower price point headphones stop working within 6 months of use whereas AirPods has a longer shelf life . We’ll see ?‍♀️

  8. Ancron

    For the last two years (May 2019 to June 2021) I’ve owned BOSE Sound Sports as my ear buds that I use at the gym. Sadly I lost them recently and needed a replacement. The Beats Studio Buds looked good and were a good price point. I was pleasantly surprised that the Beats were quite a bit better than the BOSE and at a better price point.1. Sound: Just as good as the Bose Soundsports if not better, good volume amount.2. Button Controls: Very nice light touch buttons on both the right and left buds. Unlike some other reviews that I have read pressing the buttons did NOT push the buds into the ear. I found the buttons to be a nice lite touch when compared to the SoundSports buttons, which were about 3 times harder to press (or more, really took some pressure).3. CASE: Very well designed case, sleek, durable. Really liked the magnetic lid and charging ports, well designed and thought out.4. BEATS APP: LIke that the app shows how much of a charge is in each bud right and left. Useful.5. Comfort: Felt like the fit (For me) was perfect, never fell out, a good interface with the ear. A better fit than the Bose for sure.6. Aesthetics: The Beats do not stick out as much as the BOSE Soundsports (They really stood out quite a bit). The BEATS are much smaller and have a very nice profile to them.Overall am very pleased with the BEATS, so much I got the white ones to! Ironically after I ordered the Black ones I FOUND my BOSE soundsports, but after using the BEATS, I found them to be superior in many ways to the BOSE buds. Sorry Bose BEATS is the new BUDS for going to the gym for me!Update, 8.27.21Having no volume control on the actual Buds was no big deal to me (Some reviewers really didn’t like that you couldn’t adjust the volume on the actual Buds). You’ll always have your phone with you anyway and it’s just as simple to press the volume control on your phone.

  9. Christine A.

    I started off giving these earbuds 4 stars, and then realized that I was unfairly comparing them to Air Pod Pro’s that are over $100 more expensive. For the relative value, these earbuds fit the bill.Feel: These earbuds are a bit slippery, and with the squat design it makes them a bit hard to grab. However, they fit snug into my ear so I don’t have to over handle them much anyway. It takes getting used to putting them back into the case correctly.Looks: I like the variable colors. I bought these because I misplaced my tiny white Air Pods Pro case (whose last location deleted after 24 hours because Apple is a money monger). This red case is bigger but not cumbersome.Interaction: I don’t like the button on the outsides of the buds. I wish the button was on the bottom with more of a squeeze function. To click the button, I have to essentially jam the bud further into my ear to get it to press. I also like to lay down with my buds in, but if I turn my ears against the pillow, the button is constantly pressing. A button positioned on the button (or top) would be way easier to pinch when on purpose without accidental clicks. At least clicking it doesn’t pull the buds out of my ear; an issue I had with the lever arm of the APPs.Sound quality and connection: Good enough for me. Calls connected and sounded just fine. I don’t need my phone calls to have live orchestra quality. The music seems good too. Not overly bass forward but crisp.ANC/Occlusion: The occlusion effect seems slightly worse than the Air Pod Pro’s but no where near as bad as the Jabra’s and other brands. I can sometimes hear my stomping on pavement but I don’t hear my blood flow or anything. The ANC/transparency is also relatively equitable to the APPs, of course slightly not as significant in quality because these buds are much cheaper. It does seem to smartly block out certain sounds; i.e. my HVAC, while letting through someone calling my name.Haven’t really tested the battery life but supposedly they’re better than APP. Again, these are solid buds for the price. You get what you pay for, and these buds seems to prioritize what I actually care about so you don’t have to pay $250 every time your APPs or Bose go missing.

  10. Chris Smith

    I’m writing this review for the people who were looking for this review. I like my Apple AirPod Pros, but I couldn’t stand the fact that it always slipped out of one ear constantly. Drove me absolutely nuts.These Beats Studio Earbuds are what you’re looking for. Just like the AirPod Pros, they have three different sizes and the mediums seem to fit me perfectly from the beginning. There is absolutely NO slip whatsoever and the way the earbud is designed it kind of fits snug in the little (I don’t know the damn ear term) area around the ear canal so it it’s more than just your ear canal holding it in. It’s like your whole ear is holding it in place. I’m absolutely happy that I can walk around with it looking stylish with this red color. Looks great.Now for everything else (I’ll be brief):Music Quality – Vs the AirPod Pros, there’s really only a SMIDGEN of a difference and the beats have like… a 5% increase in bass. It’s incredibly small but it’s noticeable if you go back and forth like I did for ten minutes testing it. Sound quality is great though. Nice and clear.Comfort – Does not move in my ear. Thank god. All good hereActive Noise Cancellation – I think the AirPod Pros has some slightly better ANC/Transparency modes. It’s not a huge gap but it’s more noticeable than that bass increase I was talking about previously. The AirPod Pros noise cancellation cancels maybe 20% more background noise and the transparency let’s you hear like 10% more than the Beats (I’m using percentages to give you guys a better feel of the gap).Battery Life – I mean they last a LONG ass time and charge mad fast so it shouldn’t be a problem.Look/Feel – Case and earbuds feel solidly made. I love the magnets when you put the air buds into the case it kind of gives me confirmation that it’s the right slot and that it’s in place correctly.Voice — Tested this too, my voice sounds like slightly deeper on the phone. That’s it.5 stars for sure, again the only thing the AirPods have over this one is that their ANC/Transparency is better.

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